A leader leads by example not by force.

Sun Tzu
Auckland, NZ, PR - expert, experienced.

We're here to help you build relationships, build reputation, build brand. And a lot more besides. 

PR is about how an organisation behaves, not what it says, and there's a lot to think about when it comes to doing business in the 21st century. Relationships and expectations have changed.

Corporations and businesses hold the economic power. At the same time, individuals and the public at large hold the power and control when it comes to communication and influence through technology. Relationships have been redefined and how you communicate through action and word is crucial.

Strata Communications helps clients work through these dynamics through smart, targeted communication and PR. 

We work as partners. We take time to understand your business and your people. In this way, we can get to the nub of what's needed then get on and do it. We provide advice that's grounded in experience, develop strategy and provide hands-on, practical implementation.

Auckland-based, we can work nationally and have international partners to draw on through our global network - all senior-level, all with wide-ranging experience from small business to blue-chip Fortune 500 companies. We also bring other creative business partners into the mix to provide complementary skills and expertise, whether for the big stuff such as change management, action-based crisis training or for great creative design and photography.

We've refined the communications excellence model to four key elements:

Right timing - It's everything. Proactive or reactive, your communications have to be timed to perfection, with your words aligned with your actions.

Right relationships - Excellent relationships are vital to your organisation. Stakeholder communications, done well, foster your relationships with the people who matter to your organisation.

Right strategy - Not just any strategy. Your communications strategy provides you with aligned communication that's consistent and effective.

Right actions - Your reputation rises and falls on what you do. Aligning actions and words creates consistency and credibility. 

Our capabilities

We bring proven, practical experience in:

  • Crisis planning and communication training, so companies are prepared and able to deal with the unexpected
  • Media training - helping business leaders become effective in working with journalists to get their message across
  • Building profile with customers, communities and other people important to the business
  • Investor relations (annual reports, AGMs, communication with investors, capital raising and more)